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At Argyle Street Compounding Pharmacy we compound medicines to suit your individual needs. Compounding is the practice of customising medications to the specific requirements of practitioners and their patients. All our compounded medications are made by our pharmacists to the exact strength and dosage advised by your practitioner.We offer Express Post-delivery Australia wide for most items with a 24 to 48 hour turnaround.
In a market of mass-produced pharmaceuticals, we specialise in customised medication to meet the needs of you and your healthcare practitioner. Our facility exceeds current compounding pharmacy standards. This ensures our highly qualified compounding pharmacists have the right environment and equipment to deliver quality assured compounded medications.


Argyle Street Compounding Pharmacy
​Our compounding pharmacists are highly-qualified professionals with formal training in compounding and we abide by stringent Standard Operating Procedures. All this is to ensure you can trust Argyle Street Compounding Pharmacy to deliver tailor-made solutions to your health care needs.