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At Argyle Street Pharmacy, we understand that each patient has their own specific requirements, and sometimes mass-produced medications are not able to meet those needs. This is why we offer compounded medications as an alternative. Our pharmacists are professionally trained to prepare customised medication, with ‘state of the art’ equipment and resources. This allows us to provide high quality medication that is specially made to meet the individual needs of our patients. In addition, by working with a close network of local doctors, specialists, veterinary and allied health professionals, we are able to deliver the best possible care for our patients.

Why do I need


There are several reasons why the ‘one-size-fits-all’ nature of commercially available medication might not suit every patient. Patients who have difficulties with widely available medication often like they have limited choices when looking after their health. Compounding allows us to provide an alternative solution for all of the common issues that patients have with medication. We value our patients greatly, and it’s important to us that all our patients have the same access to the drugs and therapies that everyone else does, regardless of their specific needs. This is why our extensively trained staff produce tailor-made solutions without compromising on the quality you’d expect for a commercial product.

Here are some common issues that

our compounding team
can help you with:

Allergy and/or sensitivity to certain ingredients
Many of our patients are allergic or intolerant to some of the non-essential ingredients found in mass-produced medication. Common examples include gluten, lactose, dyes, sugar, alcohol and preservatives. We can create a customised medication for you with the problematic ingredients removed, while still providing the essential treatment.
Undesirable flavour of certain medications
Patients are less likely to take their medication as directed if the taste is unpleasant for them. In the case of young children, pets and elderly patients, they might even outright refuse medication if the flavour is unsatisfactory. We are able to provide alternative flavours that are more palatable, while retaining the effectiveness of the treatment.
Dosage form creating issues with administrating medication
If you have issues swallowing pills, we can alter your medication so it can be taken in liquid form. Some patients receive an upset stomach when ingesting medication orally, perhaps due to gastro-intestinal side effects. When feasible, we can provide medication in topical form instead so it can be absorbed through the skin.
Unique dosage strength unavailable from commercial manufacturers
Every patient has different needs, and sometimes patients require a different dose than what is commercially available. For example, the strengths of commercial products are commonly unsuitable for young children or pets. Our compounding team can adjust dosage strength so that it matches the specific requirements for your health and safety.
Discontinued or unavailable medication
Some medications have been discontinued in the Australian market, often due to financial reasons. These medications may be unprofitable when mass-produced but sometimes there are patients who still need that specific product. Through compounding, we can re-create medications that have been discontinued, so that our patients still have access to their required medication.